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Older Workers, is Seniorpreneurship For You?

Updated: Mar 21

Older workers, I recently read this thought provoking book, and agree with the author, who says "... the real peril for us as we age may be a sedentary life that lacks pizzazz and challenge. And can't we embrace this long, last phase of our life with excitement, wringing what is possible out of it, despite difficulties? "

Older lady on boogey board in water
An older woman adding pizzazz to her day

Older workers, seniorpreneurism is one way to challenge, and add pizzazz to your retirement . Seniorpreneurs are self-employed people, 55 years and older. In BC alone, the number of seniorpreneurs has grown from 55,000 in the 90s, to over 136,000 today, in diverse businesses like:

  • Making and selling cosmetics

  • Baking and selling baked goods

  • Accounting

  • Consulting

  • Animal sitting

AN older man and younger woman baking
Older workers have diverse businesses

Older workers are successful as seniorpreneurs for many reasons, including:

  • They have a vast amount of experience and knowledge gained from their many years of working.

  • They have fewer financial constraints holding them back.

  • They now have the freedom to face challenges and do things they always wanted to do but for many reasons couldn't.

  • They are attracted to being their own boss, in their own business, doing things their own way.

Older workers, if you're not sure it's for you, complete this questionnaire to determine if you have what it takes to succeed as a seniorpreneur.

Older workers, On Your Own Time can help you realize your dream business. Yesterday I watched a presentation about seniorpreneurism. All speakers, older people who had started businesses after the age of 55, advised . "Don't do it alone" .

Once you've decided this is the direction you want to go in, post a profile on our site, to connect you with individuals who share your passion and vision for building a successful business. These like-minded individuals can offer valuable insights, feedback, and support as you brainstorm ideas and work towards achieving your goals.

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