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Trustworthy and knowledgable opportunity matching services...without the high costs.

Choose which tier is right for you


There is no cost to access On Your Own Time services, which include:

✓ Posting candidate profiles

✓ Providing resumes to those seeking candidates

✓ Perusal of the website

✓ Access to templates


Recruitment Fees

Many (most) employment agencies charge the employer (never the employee) Recruitment Fees. These fees can range from 10%  to 25% of  first year salary, and vary dependant upon the type of job being recruited; the higher the level of job, the higher the percentage the agency charges. 

On Your Own Time is not an employment agency; we charge employers and those seeking candidates $500 for each posting, with no expiry date.  Organizations seeking volunteers will not be charged. 

As experienced and fully accredited Human Resource practitioners we are happy to make recommendations about postings, candidates, and other relevant information, to help facilitate the best matches. In addition, the fee includes

Unlimited perusal/viewing of posted candidate profiles.

Access to candidate resumes.

Access to templates posted in the website

The Employer Fee is non-refundable. It does not include the following services (but can be purchased for an additional cost):

Searches for candidates

Reference checking

Development of letter of offer (a template is available for downloading from the On Your Own Time website)

These services are available for additional costs. Contact us for more details on our additional services!

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