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A world that sets no barriers for the sharing of experience and wisdom.

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Meet The Owner

Carolynne Mahood

Carolynne Mahood is the Principal of On Your Own Time. She is a fully accredited  and trained Human Resource professional, with more than 45 years of experience gained in private and public sectors, large corporations, and small privately owned businesses. 


The idea for On Your Own Time originated when Carolynne left formal employment (she never actually retired!) and initially looked forward to gardening, volunteering, and travelling more. After a few weeks, though, she realized she missed working! While she didn’t want to go back to the 9-5 routine, in an office, she realized that giving up formal work  didn’t mean giving up; she knew she had valuable skills that could be used to complete short term, periodic and/or project activities, while balancing her other important retirement activities. 


Her search for the ideal opportunity became elusive; through different on-line platforms she saw that there was a big demand for skilled workers, who were required to make a long-term formal commitment to their employers. 

Through her years of work in Human Resources Carolynne fully understood how much it costs to employ someone, which, in addition to pay, may include benefits, training, annual salary increases, pension plan and more. She talked to employers who welcomed the ability to hire experienced, qualified individuals and save money!


She also knew from  her experience how difficult it is for employers to attract and hold onto qualified employees. After  meeting  and speaking with other like-minded individuals, who wanted to keep busy and challenged, feel useful and valuable, have a purpose, and make extra money, while enjoying the freedom of retirement, the joy of parenthood, and the flexibility of non-traditional work, Carolynne  realized there was an untapped source of applicants.


The result is a service that offers introductions between workers or volunteers who can choose when and how they share their skills and knowledge,  and employers, who are willing to offer  flexible hours but benefit from expertise and save money.

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What We Bring to the Table

As qualified Human Resource practitioners we have the expertise to help businesses succeed by offering the following  basic services:

Quality Control

  • We assess each employment arrangement, during and after the scheduled period, with both parties to ensure goals and standards were met

Record Keeping

  • We maintain records with details of all employment partnerships

Job Postings

  • We review all job postings submitted to ensure they are non-discriminatory

  • We help applicants and employers make the best matches 

  • We request proof of professional qualifications and certification

Applicant Resumes & Screening

  • We contact every individual and organization who joins our association to establish a relationship that will enable us to recommend appropriately qualified candidates

Applicant Referrals

  • We save your organization time by referring candidates whom we know have the required qualifications and expertise, when possible

Problem Resolution

  • We work with both parties to address and resolve any problems that may be encountered during the match and to determine how problems can be prevented in the future


  • While we do not set prices for work, we will provide advice if one party is not satisfied with the cost of the service.

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Apply Today!

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