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Older Workers, Imagine Workplaces that Welcome, Recruit, Motivate, Pay Fairly and Retain workers, of all Ages

Older workers, as the population ages employers can't afford to lose the knowledge that current and future retirees will take with them. They need to adapt by recognizing the wealth of knowledge and experience that you bring to the table.

Age Blended Workplaces are those that recognize the value and prioritize the contributions of all employees, regardless of age. They develop practices and policies to hire and retain workers of all ages; value intergenerational collaboration and offer flexible working arrangements to accommodate all employees' needs.  Some already exist but we need more.

In our last blog we let you know that we're going to introduce an Age Blended Workplace Program in 2024.

Older workers working on an inter-generational team

Older workers, please seriously consider volunteering your time and expertise to this very significant project. Your insight, perspective, skills and experience are invaluable. You'll collaborate with a group of like-minded, motivated individuals in the development of a program that will transform the workplace. The program will inform, train and support employers who realize the value in introducing an Age Blended Workplace and are prepared to adapt. Volunteer activities will include but are not limited to:

  • Meeting regularly, virtually and in person, approximately 2 times per month and as needed

  • Contributing ideas for the program

  • Researching material for the program

  • Developing material and technology for the program

  • Creating material to market the program

  • Editing/contributing to material for training sessions

  • Using social media to promote the program

  • Presenting an overview of the program, in person and virtually, to employers, associations and others

  • Generating leads

  • Delivering training sessions

Please, let On Your Own Time know of your interest here.

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