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Older Workers and Employers Have the Potential to Do Great Things Through Teamwork.

In my last blog I talked about older worker myths and truths. Thank you to everyone who commented and provided their perspectives. All agreed that Mick Jagger should not retire!

Older Workers Told Me

It was heartening to hear that you all like and want to continue working, for various reasons. Some of you have been with your employer for a number of years and plan to stay, while others are going to try something new and different. I also heard that some of you feel:

  • invisible

  • like a fifth wheel

  • that you're not being listened to or heard

  • that your opinion doesn't matter

in your workplace.

Older workers with younger colleagues

From Employers

Employers told me that they value and need their older workers and hope they don't plan to retire soon although many admitted that they don't have any policies or practices that will attract, or encourage older workers to stay.  

Some mentioned that other employees complain about older workers talking too much, focusing on the past and being "know it alls".

Older worker with younger colleague


We all know that with their experience, work ethic, and reliability, older employees can be valuable assets to employers. By making change and practising new behaviours both parties can work successfully together.

Older Workers

Having a plan will enhance your retirement with the type of work that suits your experience, personality, interests, and preferences.  By answering specific questions, completing questionnaires, and doing some self-assessment, you can open up a whole new world of possibilities for your next chapter. Contact us for The Older Worker Preparation Recommendations for Your Next Chapter


If you would like to recruit and retain older workers , what are your challenges and what would help you start this process?  If you need help getting started or to confirm that you're doing the right things, Contact us for a copy of the The Check List for Age Friendly Workplaces.

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