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Older Workers You Can Help Eliminate Those Myths

Updated: Jan 28

Older worker Myth #1: Older adults can’t keep up and they perform less well than other employees.

Older worker Truth #1: Intellectual capacity and the ability to perform routine or repetitive tasks are not influenced by age. These older workers regularly perform work that is mentally and physically strenuous; no one has accused them of not being able to keep up or said to them " we only need people with career potential."

Older worker Myth #2: Older adults are uncomfortable using technology.

Older worker Truth #2: Who remembers this?

Older workers were the original users of technology; from the early days of clunky desktops, to laptops and ipads, we have continued to adapt.


These misconceptions, and many others perpetuate ageism, which is discrimination on the basis of a person's (young or old) age. Ageism prevents qualified workers from being hired, trained, promoted and retained . But you have the power to contribute to the creation of age-friendly workplaces and eliminate ageism.

Age Friendly Program

Age-friendly workplaces recognize the value and prioritize the contributions of all employees, regardless of age. They develop practices and policies to hire, engage and retain older workers. 

Older workers, even if you have no plans for working in your retirement, you know from your own personal experience what makes you feel comfortable, welcome and respected in any workplace.  Please seriously consider volunteering your time and expertise to the introduction and development of an Age Friendly Program. You'll collaborate with a group of like-minded, motivated individuals, to brainstorm and ultimately transform the workplace!

Older workers, please contact me to let me know of your interest in joining this project, or contributing your thoughts and wisdom.

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