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Mature Workers, You Are Not Alone: Many of us are Terrified of Interviewing

Mature workers, we've talked about 2 crucial tools that you need for success at working in retirement: a strong resume and positive attitude. Once you're confident those tools are ready, and assuming that you used all resources for your job search, including public platforms; Social Media; your friends and contacts, and by posting a profile with On Your Own Time, you will be called for an interview.

Interviewing is not fun, for most people, and especially for those of you who have not had an interview in years. Here are some tips to help you prepare, so you impress the interviewer as someone who is calm, confident and the best person for the job.

Mature Workers, You Will Benefit from Practice

a. Anticipate questions and answers. Consider standard questions you might be asked, then prepare and practise your answers. For instance, you more than likely will be asked “Why did you apply for this job, when you have so much experience?” Agree with the interviewer that you have a lot of experience, and say something that is meaningful and credible, such as "I want to continue using my skills, in a new industry that offers me the opportunity to pass on what I know and learn new things."

b. Technology. If the interview is a virtual one, and you’ve never used video conferencing technology, ask for help to make sure your camera and microphone are working and that you’re comfortable maneuvering through Zoom or other platforms.

Mature Workers May Need Interviewing Practice

Mature Workers, Do Your Research

Visit the potential employer’s website, to gather as much information as possible, so when you go into the interview you can give strong, well thought out answers and ask good questions. Doing this research also demonstrates your initiative.

Mature Workers, Pay Attention to Your Dress

Try to match your clothing to the type of business; if not sure, your perusal of its website might give you a better idea. By not over or under dressing, you’re communicating that you took the time to research the company; you’re flexible, and you want to fit in. Check out Robert DeNiro in The Intern to see how different his business dress is!

Mature Workers, Maintain Your Positive, Enthusiastic Attitude.

Smile; relax; be factual and pleasant , but brief with your answers; listen to the interviewer; don’t be arrogant about your skills, experience or what you have to offer; make eye contact and watch your body language.

Mature Workers, Ask Questions

Remember that interviews work both ways - you'll be sizing up the potential employer at the same time. Make a list of questions in advance and ask others as you gather information during the interview. This demonstrates that you're paying attention and how seriously you view the potential job. It also helps you decide if this is the right opportunity for you!

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