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Thoughtfully connecting retirees to flexible opportunities.

On Your Own Time can help you if you…

  • Want to enrich your retirement

  • Want to use your current skills

  • Want to earn money

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to get in touch and let us help you be paired up with your perfect opportunity match.

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What We Do

On Your Own Time is a niche service that facilitates connections between organizations and individuals who have elected to do work how and when they choose.

Retirees and those who choose non-traditional work arrangements benefit from using On Your Own Time’s services by being thoughtfully paired up with suggested gig matches by one of our skilled Principals. With these matches, gig-seekers can stay active and social, learn new skills or continue using current skills, and share knowledgeable expertise without the need or desire for career growth, all while doing so on their own time.


On the other hand, organizations benefit from the On Your Own Time connection by having a source of professional, affordable experience from those who want to complete part, full and/or temporary work and projects and can mentor less experienced workers and don’t need to provide advancement opportunities, salary increases, benefits, pension plans, and training.

  • Place employees with employers

  • “Head hunt”

  • Consult

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Does this sound like you?

Barbara worked as a bookkeeper during her career. She retired at age 65, as she envisioned lots of free time to spend with her grandkids, in her garden and reading. But after three months she realized those weren’t enough to keep her mentally challenged.  While she doesn’t want to go back to work full time, she would consider helping a new business set up it’s accounting system or training a new accountant or even using her skills, such as analyzing; problem solving; time management; communication, in a different occupation, on a part time or project basis.

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