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You Can Have It All

Years ago, I met Megan, a single mother of a school aged son. Megan wanted to work, but she didn’t like the idea of spending her whole pay cheque on a babysitter so looked for jobs that she could do while her son was in school. She tried waitressing; cleaning houses, and sales, but found none of them fulfilling. While she was working, she continued to talk to different people, answer ads and let the world know she was available to work, at certain hours.

She eventually met a man who was starting a business, didn’t have much money to pay an employee but needed someone to do a bit of reception, customer service, marketing, sales, and bookkeeping. He offered Megan the job and while the pay wasn’t great, she accepted because she was able to work around her son's school hours.

Fast forward 3 years; the business really took off, the owner hired more employees, and Megan became the owner’s right-hand person. Her job grew into full time, but the pay increased significantly so she could afford a good babysitter. She took on higher level responsibilities and even started to do business travel. Today, Megan is the second in command with a highly successful business but still spends quality time with her son! .

If you are at home with children, but want to work, why not apply through On Your Own Time and specify when you are available. You may connect with an employer who is willing to hire someone with your skills and knowledge, to work on your own time and still be available for your family. And you don’t know where that work will lead to! Complete a Profile and let potential employers know you're available.

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