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Working In Retirement: Be Creative at Using Your Skills

Working in retirement offers you some exciting prospects in the new year. Canadian organizations plan to hire new workers in the first half of 2024, due to a lack of skills amongst their current employees.

Working in retirement gives you the freedom to use your many skills, creatively, to help you live your purpose, have fun and try something you've always wanted to do. Here are three older workers who are using their skills, in very different occupations, in retirement:

Working in retirement as a lifeguard took Dr. Marc Plotnick back to a job he did as a teenager. Not a big stretch, as doctors and lifeguards share relevent skills, including communication, attention to detail and flexibility.

Older worker in retirement

Working in retirement as a  part-time tour guide lets Jane, a former Human Resource Manager, share her love and knowledge of the city while using her interpersonal, leadership and communication skills.

Older workers have many retirement options

Working in retirement at a plant nursery, Diane, a former librarian, enjoys and get paid to spend time on her favorite hobby, gardening. This offers her the opportunity to use her organizational, analytical and multi-tasking skills.

You're all looking for different things in your retirement. If you're not sure what you want to do, or what your purpose is, complete this quiz.

Once you're ready to use your skills, in the same or a different occupation, post your profile with On Your Own Time.

We wish you a happy holiday and success in meeting your purpose in 2024.

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