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Working In Retirement: The Time To Do What You Love To Do, Not What you Have To Do

Working in retirement is liberating - after years of dedicating your time and energy to work and fulfilling responsibilities, retirement offers a newfound sense of freedom. It's a time when you can finally prioritize you and pursue your own passions and interests without the constraints of a demanding schedule or obligations.

Jane,  a former nurse working in retirement

Forget I'm Too Old

But some retirees have negative attitudes about themselves and their age, which is referred to as "self-directed ageism." Research has shown that individuals who hold negative views about aging are more likely to have a less fulfilling retirement experience.

When you approach retirement with a negative mindset, you may find yourself focusing on limitations rather than possibilities. This can lead to missed opportunities for growth, engagement, and enjoyment.

Remember All You Have to Offer While Working in Retirement

By shifting your perspective and embracing a positive aging mindset, you can be open to a more rewarding retirement experience.

It's like deciding the glass is half full; instead of saying" I'm too old to learn something new" remind yourself of the valuable experience you have to offer working in retirement for future employers.

Rather than thinking, "they'll never hire me because I'm too old", you should think, "I have a lot more skills to offer than people half my age; I can teach them what I know".

There are So Many Options to Working in Retirement

As you start focusing on your many positives you'll build the confidence you need to do what you love to do. Retirement offers a diverse range of options. Here are the top seven:

1. Volunteering

  • Use your skills, in a variety of activities, to support not-for-profit organizations that provide diverse and worthwhile services, but are often under staffed and under-funded.

2. Joining like-minded people in a book, gardening or running club

  • Here's an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, practice and improve your favorite activities.

3. Taking courses

  • Go back to school, either in person at colleges, universities and community centers or on-line, and learn about topics that interest you .

4. Tutoring and mentoring

  • There are many schools, libraries and not-for-profit organizations that would welcome your knowledge and experience, that you can share with students of all ages.

5. Working from home on your own business

  • Learn and use technology, in your own home, to put your business idea into practice.

6. Pet walking and sitting

  • If you can't or choose not to have your own pet but enjoy their company, help others who are travelling or working, and are willing to pay for this service.

7. Offering your skills to flexible employers on your own time

  • Sharing your experience and knowledge, part-time or on a casual basis, in a new occupation or industry would provide you with additional income, new connections, learning opportunities and the satisfaction of helping a business grow.

Bob, a retired programmer, working in retirement as a tutor

Lets Help You Get Started

Here are some suggestions to get you immediately started on doing what you love or to take the first step in trying something new:

  • Join other like-minded people at "Seniors Morning at the Movies" on Thursday mornings in the Central Vancouver library. Films, coffee, and book recommendations provided!

  • Get active in the "Forever Young8K", a running event exclusive to the 55+ young at heart individuals . September 10, 9am

On Your Own Time is Committed to Your Success

When working in retirement, whatever you decide to do, On Your Own Time is here to help you. Post your profile and let the world know how you want to make the most of your retirement.

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Grandparents Day September 10

To those readers who have grand-children, we hope you enjoy Grandparents Day on September 10!

Taking time out from working in retirement

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