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Older Workers and Retirees: How to Attract Them

Employers, here are some tips to help you enhance your business by attracting older workers who may have the skills, expertise and experience you need.

Welcome Older Workers

"We Welcome Applications From At Home Parents and Retirees". This is from a real life job posting! This type of wording, using age-inclusive language in job postings, websites and interviews, tells older workers that they are welcome and encourages them to apply.

Include some short examples of how older workers have succeeded in your company.

Communicate On Older Workers' Level

Instead of using phrases such as "tech savvy" or "cutting edge technologies", in your ads and postings, speak in simple language to describe the job and the technology the successful candidate will be using.

Include Older Workers in Images

If you use images in your job postings, include older workers in them.

Older Workers  Can Mentor Those New to the Workplace

Hire Older Worker for Their for Skills

Skills based hiring simply means hiring for skills, not experience or education. By eliminating specific years of experience or education in your job ads or postings, you minimize bias and encourage older workers to apply.

Train to Avoid Bias Against Older Workers

"Older workers don't know how to use technology"; " older workers are slow." Train everyone who is involved in recruiting - recruiters, hiring managers and team members - to understand that statements and assumptions like this are inaccurate, disrespectful, and biased. Include the many benefits that older workers will bring to the business.

Encourage Cross-Mentoring Between Older Workers and Those Younger

Older workers can mentor their less experienced team members, and learn from them, as well. This exchange of information will become a natural part of your culture if it's encouraged and supported by all levels of employees.

Identify Talent Sources that Include Older Workers

Post your job opportunity with On Your Own Time, as well as Facebook, and in places that older workers frequent, such as community centers. Ask your current older workers if they have friends or acquaintances who are looking for work.

Hire Older Workers and Become A Top Employer

There is an annual competition in Canada, the Top Employers for Canadians Over 40. With committed change your business could be one of those recognized.

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