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Seniors' Week June 5 - 11, 2023

There is reason to celebrate seniors - and not just for one week. Over the years they have positively contributed to change in the workplace, by influencing the introduction of things we now take for granted, such as :

· Maternity and parental leave

· Health, dental and other benefits

· Public and private pension plans

· Paid vacation

· Paid time off

· Paid overtime

· Shorter work weeks

· Legislated protection from harassment and discrimination

· Health and safety legislation

· Learning and development for advancement

· Opportunities for women to work and advance in all occupations

If you’re a senior – thank you for all that you have done to make our work lives better.

If you’re a senior or retiree who wants to keep mentally and physically active; use your skills in a new occupation; continue learning; meet new people; make connections; feel useful and do something that has always appealed to you, visit On Your Own Time, send us your profile and help us help you make a connection!

If you’re an employer consider how much value a senior can add to your organization! Review your current job opportunities and identify those than can be completed on a part -time or project basis and post your gig with On Your Own Time.

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