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Employers: Don't let Your Older Workers Get Away

Employers, pay attention "The working-age population (persons aged 15 to 64) has never been older. More than 1 in 5 persons (21.8%) in this population is close to retirement. But according to a recent survey some of those older workers might consider staying with you, under the right conditions.

Lets talk about what you can do to retain those older workers and continue benefitting from all of their knowledge.

Older Workers Want Flexibility

Older workers are ready for a change, in their hours and the type and level of work they do. They're interested in part-time hours; projects; seasonal work and temporary jobs, that allow them to balance the many things they can finally do in retirement.

Older Workers Would Respond to Phased Retirement

Older workers might be interested in arrangements that let them reduce their hours and work-load gradually, and eventually ease into retirement. You, the employer get to hold onto the employees and their knowledge; retirees can continue making money and prevent the shock of suddenly not working.

Older Workers Want and Need to Keep Learning

All employees need to have the rights skills to contribute to your business success. Smart employers regularly assess the level of skills available in their workplace and provide training to all employees who want and need to continue improving and learning; this should include older workers. Contrary to popular myth here is no difference in the ability of older workers to learn, and this includes technology.

Older workers can continue to learn

Older Workers Want to Relate to Younger Workers

Age-diverse teams are more productive and innovative than single-generation teams. The soft skills of younger generations can be less developed; older workers may not be as knowledgeable with technology but they have valuable skills, expertise and experience. Training, mentoring and cross-mentoring can support skills and experience exchange between different generations, to help build relationships and teams.

Older Worker Orientation

On Your Own Time can deliver Age Friendly Workplace training, on your site or virtually. Call or email us for more information.

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