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Mentoring is a Positive Method of Building Employee Satisfaction

We read and hear about the competition between employers to attract and hold onto good employees. Employees who are dissatisfied are finding it very easy to move to other jobs, sometimes with little or no notice, leaving their past employer with no one to do the work.

Today’s employees value and demand on-going learning and development from their employer; research continues to prove the benefits of that learning, for both parties, and the negative outcomes for employers who do not offer learning opportunities.

Mentoring has become a popular and beneficial method of helping employees meet their career goals. Mentoring means the sharing of knowledge, skills, perspectives, and experience between often a less experienced person and one who is more seasoned and knowledgeable. Benefits of mentoring, for all parties, include:

o One on one sharing of knowledge

  • Faster learning about the job and the organization

  • Improved skills

  • Development of new skills

  • Insight into the sometimes-unwritten rules of an organization

  • Experienced guidance, and advice

  • An increase in confidence as the mentee learns and becomes more efficient and effective.

  • Less time required of the manager/supervisor to help employees develop.

  • Trust in the organization for valuing employee needs and making the mentoring opportunity available.

  • Career growth

  • Retention and loyalty

Retirees and experienced, at home parents often look for activities to help them remain mentally challenged, active and to make contributions. They would be strong mentors; throughout their working careers many have developed required skills for effective mentoring, including:

  • Clear communication

  • Active listening

  • Building trust and relationships

  • Giving positive and constructive feedback and encouragement

Training can be expensive; having a retired employee or one who has temporarily left the workforce act as mentor can reduce those expenses and contribute to a higher level of job satisfaction, engagement, retention, and stability.

Would you like to become or hire a mentor? If so, let On Your Own Time know about your interest by completing a form.

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