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Keep Your Valuable Skills Sharp

It is estimated that the average person has between 500 and 700 skills, which are simply abilities we learned; and that it takes approximately 100 hours of practice to become competent at each skill! How many skills do you have? If you are a retiree you developed a lot of skills - both role specific and interpersonal - to help you do your job; communicate with others and get noticed and promoted. And you probably didn't do this consciously; skills are learned and improved by practicing, repetition, networking, copying others and through formal training! Can you list your top 5 skills? Many of you had busy jobs that didn’t offer a lot of time for reflection, or employers who didn’t give you feedback. This quiz can help you to appreciate how valuable your experience has been and how much you have to offer. If you want to keep using your skills here's some good news. In a recent survey over 80 per cent of employers who participated confirmed they should hire for skills, not degrees, but more than half say they are still hiring college graduates because it feels less risky. Transferable skills are those that can be used in many jobs, industries and occupations. They include interpersonal skills which are harder to teach than those that are role -specific. Retirees more than likely have many, which is another reason for employers to value your expertise. On Your Own Time can help you connect with employers who need and value your experience and skills. We can also help you find opportunities to use your them in different ways, by trying new things, working in a different industry, or doing something you’ve always wanted to do, and continue to keep your mind active by growing and learning. Post a profile on the On Your Own Time website to connect with an organization who is looking for someone with your many valuable skills.

Help Your Mind Stay Sharp

Contrary to popular belief we continue to we make new brain cells all our life — even into our 90s. It's important that we nurture our brain and keep our skills sharp once we leave our regular work. There are many ways to do this, including meditation, eating heathy food, exercising, getting enough sleep, socializing and doing mental exercise. Try this exercise: Begin with the word WALL and change a letter at a time until you get the word FIRM. Each change must be a proper word. WALL _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ FIRM We'll share the answers in our next newsletter.

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