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Some Really Strong Retirees Are Ready to Work

Many older workers would like to keep working in some capacity.

According to a recent Statistics Canada report, 51% of participants on the brink of retirement indicated they would continue working if employers can offer them part-time, less stressful and more interesting work.

Overall, retirees have unique perspectives , making them valuable assets in the workforce even after retirement. These seasoned workers have valuable skills and experience that could benefit any type or size of organization.

Retirees have influenced the introduction of innovative strategies and systems that have changed and modernized the workplace. Their wisdom and many years of knowledge are invaluable assets that can't be taught in any school or obtained through any amount of training.

Retirees can still add value in so many ways:

Retirees: A wealth of knowledge and expertise
  • They can share with younger generations by providing mentorship and guidance.

  • Their deep understanding of organizational dynamics, problem-solving abilities, and strategic thinking can contribute to the success of businesses.

  • Retirees often possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills developed through years of interacting with diverse people in different contexts. This helps them to build positive relationships and promote collaboration and productivity.

  • Because of their independence, strong work ethic, discipline, and sense of responsibility they need little supervision.

  • Employers can save money, as retirees often don't expect the same level of benefits and perks as younger employees.

  • By demonstrating a genuine respect for diversity, employers will enjoy a positive reputation.

  • As long as they feel respected and valued retirees will be loyal.

Don’t be misled by the attitude that retirees are “dinosaurs”, “over the hill” or too old to learn, because “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. The results of research continue to prove that they are as productive as younger workers, and those who enjoy positive physical and mental health can continue to contribute, in their own way, on their own time.

Here's an opportunity for those employers who recognize and appreciate the contributions retirees have made throughout their careers. Post your Gig application on our site and find that perfect retiree to join your team.

If you're a retiree (or know of one) who wants a unique opportunity to explore new ways of contributing, here's where to post a profile, to find a way to leverage your years of experience .

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