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Older Workers What Will You Do?

Older workers, it is forecast that 900,000 Canadian older workers will leave their jobs in the next three years, for different reasons. Will you join the "grey resignation" or continue doing work that you enjoy?

Consequences for Employers

This departure from the workplace could have many negative impacts for employers, including:

  • Loss of skills and knowledge

  • Insufficiently trained younger workers

  • Inability to attract skilled workers to replace retirees

  • Decrease in quality of service

  • Potentially having to pay higher wages to attract workers

Older Workers, Decide What's of Value for You

You have the ability to prevent or minimize some of those negative impacts, if you choose to continue working. It's a compromise: in return for continuing to offer your skills and expertise, you expect your employer to take care of your financial, social, physical, and professional needs, by offering you:

  • Reduced hours

  • More breaks

  • Flexibility in schedule, type of work, location of work

  • A physically comfortable and safe work environment

  • Accommodation for any specific physical needs you have

  • Continuous learning and training to help you develop in areas that are or will be new for you

  • Opportunities to highlight your knowledge and expertise in a different role, such as consultant, mentor, trainer

  • Competitive salary and benefits

  • Everything else that is important to you

Conversation is Crucial

Older workers, you need to have a conversation with your employer to ensure they are prepared to provide what's important to you, in exchange for your ongoing support and loyalty.

If no one has discussed retirement with you yet, take the lead and communicate your expectations, so both of you are in agreement and can start preparing now.

Older man having meeting with younger  man
Older workers have a lot to offer their employers

On Your Own Time is Here for You

Older workers, if your plan is to continue working in a new type of job, On Your Own Time can help you prepare. Contact us for copies of the Older Worker Preparation Guide and the Planning and Preparing for Working in Retirement Questionnaire.


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