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Older Workers, Word is Getting Out about On Your Own Time

Older workers, On Your Own Time is gaining more interest and recognition. I was recently invited to participate in a podcast that discusses the benefits of hiring older workers and the valuable experience, skills, and work ethic they offer. Listen to Older workWorking Beyond 55 - What does the job market have for me

Older workers, thank you for sharing your positive feedback and success stories. Your support is helping to spread the word about On Your Own Time. Because of the increased attention, we now have 2 new gigs that might interest you.

Woman talking on telephone while using computer
Older worker adding value to small business

Gig Number One Administrative Whiz

Does learning about and helping to build a small business in your "rehirement" attract you? Would you like to use your skills and knowledge to develop a new role and mentor a young business owner ? If so, take a look at the Administrative Assistant gig.

Gig Number Two Demonstrate Your Exceptional Driving Skills

Older workers, can you picture yourself spending your mornings having meaningful conversations and driving around, while making some extra cash ? If that sounds appealing to you, check out the Driver gig that's posted.

If either of these gigs appeal to you, contact us, for more information or to apply.


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